Art Deco Bijou Fox Cherub Pendant

460 kr

. 293


The French Jewellery Company Bijoux Fix (1823) invented one of the highest quality gold platings in the world which noone has ever been able to replicate.  The jewellery was of such high quality it was often mistaken for solid gold.  This 100 year old pendants looks pretty much the same it did over 100 years ago! 

These little angel medallions were commonly given as baptism gifts which can be seen in the Bijoux Fix catalogue to the side. The angel, a symbol of protection, is believed to watch over the wearer throughout their life. 

This is a tiny little piece with so much detail. Its a perfect charm to be stacked or just worn on its own. The pendant retains its original bale. The bale best suits a thin trace chain as it is is pretty thin. 

This pendant is sold without a chain however please get in contact if you would like to add one separately. 


In excellent condition. The plating is still in amazing condition after 100 years. There is some minor dulling in the gold to the centre of the cherub although this just adds to its charm. The back of the pendant has dulled a bit however there are no scratches making it perfect for a small personalised engraving or initials. 




This is tiny little piece measuring 10mm x 12mm excluding the bale. The bale adds an additional 5mm in length. 

The bale can accommodate a maximum 1mm thick chain. 


The bale retains the famous FIX stamp. 


Thick rolled gold plate and base metal (likely brass) 



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