Art Nouveau Rolled Gold & Faceted Crystal Earrings

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A beautiful pair of Art Nouveau Kollmar & Jourdan earrings manufactured in the centre of Germany's jewellery industry, Pforzheim.

Kollmar & Jourdan are internationally recognised as some of the best costume jewellery designers of the 19th century. Their original Pforzheim jewellery factory is currently being used as the country's jewellery museum. 

These earrings are a rarity as they bear the "Made in Baden" stamp from when the area was an independent Republic in Germany. This dates the earrings between 1918 and 1933. 

It is difficult to capture the beauty of these earrings in photos or words. They are some of the prettiest earrings I have come across. These earrings are of very high quality gold plating with a very soft butter yellow colour. A faceted baguette shaped aqua blue glass stone dangles from a beautifully embossed scroll design gold top.  The stone is flanked by another two gold colour drops which gives the earrings alot of extra movement and sparkle. 

I have kept the earrings on their original screw tops because they are also beautifully engraved and bear the makers mark/hallmark. I can easily change them to pierced earrings on request. 


The earrings are in amazing condition and look as though they have never been worn. The glass stones have no chips or scratches. There is very microscopic grazes to the stones which can only be seen with a loupe. The gold drops to the side of the earrings have slight bends but given there is so much movement in the earrings it is only noticeable when they are not being worn and you are looking for issues. There is also a small scratch to the back side of one of the earrings which seems to be from someone testing the metal. 


Late 1910s/Early 1920s 


The earrings measure 43mm long excluding the screw back and 10mm at its widest point. 


The earrings are stamped with the K&J makers mark (with an arrow) as well as "Made in Baden"


Rolled Gold, Glass, Base Metal 



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