Art Nouveau "Mucha Woman" Silver Brooch Pin

980 kr

No. 394


A beautiful pin dating to the Belle Époque (Art Nouveau) period ca 1900-1915. This image of a woman with gorgeous flowing hair became one of the icons of the Art Nouveau Aesthetic.   

Although I cannot say for sure which jewellery house produced this piece, I can say with certainty that Alphonse Mucha's style was the inspiration behind it. Mucha is notably one the most influential artists of the time with his work being undeniably instrumental in shaping Art Nouveau as we know it today. 

At the turn of the century, women were gaining their independence in a male dominated society. Mucha's iconic 'femme nouvelle" (or new woman) is said to have been the embodiment of this new, liberated woman. I

Mucha's artwork was used everywhere in things like jewellery, clothing, silverware and wallpaper. His work was commissioned by the famous Parisian theatre actress Sarah Bernhardt. Her theatre advertisements were plastered all over the city making streets of Paris an open air gallery. His artwork became famous mostly because it was available to everyone, not just the affluent classes who who were buying Tiffany or Lalique pieces. His work exploded and was emulated worldwide was two volumes of his designs were published in 1902.   


This brooch is crafted in silver.  It is in excellent wearable condition. The pin is secure and there are no visible dents or bends to the women's face. 


The brooch measures 39.5mm long and 14mm tall. 

The "mucha woman" measures 14.4mm x 14.5mm x 2mm thick. 


The brooch bears the boar silver stamp denoting a 800 silver purity originating from Paris. There is also a makers mark on the pin however it is rubbed and sadly, no longer legible. 


Paris, France 

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