Art Deco Silver & Marcasite Statement Earrings

1.000 kr 1.240 kr



The 1930s. The stock market crashed. Budgets were tight and clothing designs were scaled back. But the 1930s were also giving rise to the new Hollywood glamour of the Silver Screen. Big designs and contrasting colours were used to stand out in the black and white movies.  Sparkling jewellery designs had to be made of more affordable materials like glass and bakelite instead of expensive metals and gemstones. Jewellery was made to look luxurious so that your budget-friendly dress would look like a million bucks. 

These earrings capture all that is 1930s. Crafted in sterling silver, black glass and studded with glimmering marcasite stones - they will definitely get you noticed!


These earrings are in fantastic condition. All original marcasite stones are present and there are no chips or cracks to the glass drops. It's almost as if they have never been worn. 


Art Deco 


The earrings measure 72mm long and 24mm at their widest point. 


Faint remnant of a stamp which is no longer legible. 


Sterling (925) silver, glass and marcasites 



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