Art Deco Platinum, Gold and Rose Cut Diamond Ring

1.290 kr

Rose-cut Diamond Illusion

No. 109


This ring dates to circa 1930s when much of the world was suffering the effects of the great depression. Jewellers had to make the best out of the limited resources available to them. They were forced to create techniques to give the illusion of larger stones and this ring is a perfect example of this craft.


Dozens of carefully executed cuts to the platinum face give the illusion of a full pavé set piece, when only one rose cut diamond was placed at its centre. Setting is carefully mounted on an 18carat gold shank. 


Sadly much of the remaining antique jewellery these days is being melted down to make cheaper mass produced replicas. When we found this lovely little ring, she was forgotten and squished at the bottom of a box. We knew we had to rescue her and bring her back to her former glory making sure her story would not be forgotten.


It’s bold geometric shapes screams Art Deco and its modern two tone design makes a versatile ring that can be worn with just about anything.  


This ring is in great wearable condition after being lovingly restored by a jeweller from the famous London Hatton Garden jewellery quarter. Like many of the relics from this period, she still shows some of her battle scars.  After being squished in the drawer, if you look close enough, you can see some of the areas which had to be rebuilt in the under gallery. The restoration work does not affect the way in which the ring looks when being worn. It simply was required to strengthen the band to make sure it could be worn again. I have taken quite a few photos at different angles so you can clearly see how great it looks! 

Era: Art Deco 1930s


Size O (UK) or 54.5 (DK)

Weight is 1.5grams

The band is 2mm wide and 1mm thick at the base

The single rose cut diamond measures approx 1mm 

The setting sits 2.5mm above your finger 


Rubbed remnants of French Gold Purity Hallmark. French law required all gold jewellery to have a minimum purity of 18 carat since 1838 which is indicated as an eagle's head.

Materials: 18ct yellow gold, platinum, rose cut diamond 

Provenance: France  

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