Art Deco Moonstone & Marcasite Silver Ring

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The moonstone has been captivating wearers the world over for centuries. The Romans were mesmerised by the stone and believed it was formed from frozen moonlight. India considers the stone sacred offering the wearer gifts of fortune-telling and clairvoyance. 

The stone experienced a massive revival in the early 1900s when Rene Lalique started showcasing the stone in his trailblazing Art Nouveau designs.  The ethereal and celestial qualities of the stone made it the perfect match for the Art Nouveau aesthetic. 

The Moonstone is often worn as a symbol of love, healing and protection - making it the perfect talisman during pregnancy and motherhood. It has also been referred to as the "Traveller's Stone" offering protection to those travelling at night by the shine of the moon.  

This stunning example of Art Deco design features a sophisticated blue tinted moonstone set into a marcasite studded and hand engraved millegrain setting. A lot of care and love went in to making this beautiful ring and it's a treasure to have survived the last 100 years. 


The ring is in good antique condition. Given the moonstone is a delicate and soft stone, not many have survived.  There is minor scuffing to the surface of the stone which is evidenced in the photos but again this is expected given their age and tendency to scratch easily. There is wear to the delicate millegrain detailing. There is also wear to the sides of the bottom of the shank where the hallmark is found.

Moonstones are delicate and must be handled with care. It is recommended the ring be cleaned using warm water with a mild soap and carefully, if necessary use a soft bristled brush to clean any stubborn areas. Because of the marcasites, the ring should not be submersed into water or jewellery cleaning solutions as this could cause the stones to fall out or become brittle/break.  


Early 1910-1925


The ring is a size  53 EU. 

The moonstone measures 9.4mm x 6mm diameter

The ring sits approx 6mm above your finger and care should be taken to make sure it doesn't snag on anything. 


The ring is stamped MADE IN ENGLAND 


Sterling (925) Silver, moonstones and marcasites



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