Art Deco Marcasite & Chalcedony Earrings

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The discovery of King Tut’s tomb by Howard Carter in 1922 led an Egyptomania explosion across the fashion elite. His discovery was published throughout the world with newspapers filling the heads of the curious public with elaborate descriptions and photos of the Young King's ancient treasures. The obsession with all things Egypt had a massive influence on fashion and design of the era. Bright, colourful gemstones such as a cornelian, lapis lazuli and chalcedony became super popular and eventually morphed into the Art Deco style we recognise today. 

These earrings are designed to showcase two beautiful faceted blue chalcedony hoops. The colour of the chalcedony is a translucent lavender blue which does well to contrast with the deep metallic silver of the marcasite stones. 

These earrings have been set with new stainless steel earwires. 


These earrings are in excellent, like new condition with brand new stainless steel earwires. Care should be taken with these earrings as the hoops are fragile and can shatter if dropped. they should also not be submersed in water as this may loosen the marcasite stones. I would recommend gentle wiping  them with a silver polish cloth.   




The earrings measure 5cm in length including the ear wire. 

The hoops measure 17mm in diameter. 




Silver settings, Marcasite stones, Blue Chalcedony, Stainless Steel Earwires 



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