Art Deco Lapus Lazuli Earrings

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Lapus Lazuli (literal translation = blue stone) has been inspiring artists the world over for thousands of years. Not only did the ancient egyptians treasure it in their jewellery design, sthey also used it to create their infamous blue makeup. 

The archeological discovery of King Tut's tomb in 1922 had a huge influence in Art Deco fashions of the time. Inspired by the young Pharoah's enormous scarab bracelet found in the tomb, lapus lazuli quickly became a favourite of the fashion elite. 

The polished stones in these earrings hang from silver chain. The earrings have been fitted with new stainless steel earwires. 


These earrings are in wonderful condition given they are almost 100 years old. There are no cracks or major scratches to be seen even under a loupe. i would not submerse these earrings in water. I would recommend cleaning them using a silver polishing cloth. 




The earrings measure 47mm long including the earwire. The stone measures 23mm x 6mm. 




Lapus Lazuli, silver chain, stainless steel earwires 



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