Art Deco Hand Engraved Gimmal Ring

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THE original stacking ring! 



Wedding rings are known symbols of love and loyalty. But the earliest of these rings offer a most romantic backstory.

Gimmal rings date back to the Renaissance period (1300-1600).  Designed as a wedding band, the ring consisted of two or three interlocking bands which would come apart for the bride and groom to wear during their engagement. The bands were reunited on the couple's wedding day to form one complete ring for the bride. This gesture symbolised the pair being " locked in love", representing strength and unity. 

This sweet example of a gimmal ring dates to the Art Deco period with two bands that fit together to form one ring. It is crafted in sterling silver with a tiny pin acting as a pivot to enable the bands to swivel back and forth. Each of the two bands has beautiful, delicate engravings. The ring is really well designed and sits comfortably and flush against the finger. 

This ring is in excellent condition. The rivet opening/closing mechanism is working well. There is no wear to the engraved details and no dents to the hands. 

Given the nature of the moving parts and the delicate engraved details, it is  recommended the ring be removed when undertaking physical activity which may damage the metal (cleaning, working out or moving heavy items). As with all gold/diamond jewellery it is also recommended the ring be kept away from chemicals such as chlorine, cosmetics, hand sanitizer etc. 

It is recommended the ring be cleaned with mild soapy water or a silver polishing cloth. Care must be taken to make sure the ring is fully dry when stored to prevent any rust to the rivet mechanism. 


Art Deco 1920/30s

Measurements & Materials: 

Size: The ring is a size 50 and CANNOT BE RESIZED  

The width of the ring measures 5.2mm at the hands tapering down to 2.2mm at the base of the shank (of both rings). 

The band is 1.4mm thick. 


The inner band is stamped STERLING denoting a 925 purity of silver.  



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