Art Deco White Gold Orange Blossom Band

2.100 kr 2.710 kr

No. 357


A symbol of love, innocence and fertility.  The orange blossom has been a favourite for brides for centuries. But when Queen Victoria adorned her wedding crown with the blossom in the 1800s, the entire world followed suit. With the promise of love and prosperity, no bride would be seen without the sweet scented blossom in her bridal attire. 

The use of the blossom exploded in the Art Deco period. In line with the Art Deco aesthetic, a more streamlined version of the flower took hold which can be seen in this ring. 

This is a delicate example of the design of the time. Subtle millegrain edges line the hand carved blossom pattern giving off a beautiful sparkle in the facets. 


This ring is an obvious choice for a wedding band for a special day with it's craftmanship and symbolism. It is also makes the perfect addition for your favourite ring stack. 

It is very wearable and sits flush against the skin. The ring can be cleaned in Gold cleaning solution and polished with a gold polishing cloth. 

Care should be taken to avoid wearing the ring /or taking the ring off when using harsh chemicals (including hand sanitizer). As with all gold rings, it will wear with use and there is is a risk the carved motif may dull or wear down.  In order to prevent premature wear, it is best to avoid wearing it when undertaking any activities that might wear it down - holding metal/banging it on anything. 


This ring is in amazing condition and a larger size which is rare to find with these carved rings. There is no wear to the blossom pattern or to the millegrain edging and does not seem as though the ring was worn very much at all. 

It is really hard to capture the delicate detail of this ring in photos. Hopefully the video helps. 


Art Deco ca. 1920s


56/56.25 EU 

Weight is 1.25grams

The band is 2.2mm wide and 1mm thick


The inner band is stamped “14k” 



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