Antique French 18ct Gold Madonna & Child Medallion

500 kr 820 kr

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Religious medallion jewellery swept France by storm in the early 1900s and remains a popular piece of jewellery today.  Medals which portray Madonna and Child were commonly worn as a sign of devotion and protection for the wearer. 

This sweet little pendant dates to about the 1930s. It was likely a souvenir piece from the Chappelle sure Vire in Troisgrots, France. It depicts a beautifully detailed engraving of Madonna and child into a rose coloured gold medallion. It is signed "Sir N. D sur Vire" to the back. It is very tiny and paper thin. The tiny hand etched engravings are extremely detailed and beautiful to look at. 


The pendant is in excellent condition. Despite how thin and delicate the pendant is, there is no bending or dents to the pendant. There are no scratches to either sides and the engraving is in perfect condition with no wear. 




16x12mm excluding the bale. The bale adds an additional 2mm of length. 

The bale can accommodate a chain no thicker than 2mm. 


There are hallmarks to the bale including a makers mark which I have no been able 


18ct gold. 



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