Antique Maison Savard Bijou Fixe Pendant

1.390 kr

King of Warriors

No. 362


An incredible Art Nouveau pendant depicting Vercingetorix, France's first National Hero. He was responsible for uniting the Gauls of modern day Europe in a revolt against Roman forces during Julius Caesar's Gallic Wars 82 BC – 46 BC. To the back of the pendant is an equally detailed carving of France's Gallic Rooster.    

The pendant bears the famous SAVARD signature having been crafted by the Maison Savard jewellery company as well as their "TITRE FIX" stamp. Maison Savard's FIX branded jewellery was made using the highest quality 18ct gold laminate which they invented in 1823. Designed to imitate solid gold, the quality and process is something that's been irreplicable ever since. Savard actually ran numerous advertising campaigns against copycat gold jewellery encouraging buyers to always make sure the jewellery is backed with the FIX stamp. 

The pendant was designed by the famous Art Nouveau sculptor and medallist, Edmond Henri Becker (1871-1971).

This pendant is being sold without a chain. If you would like to find a matching chain then just send us a message.  


The pendant is in great antique condition. There is some minor scratches and scuffs to the gold which can be seen in the photos. The colour of the gold is of a warm rosey hue of genuine 18 carat gold. There is very minor wear to the metal at the top of the bale which can be seen in the photo. 




Pendant is 31mm long including the bale, the extra jump ring adds an additional length 1.5mm. 

Pendant is 25mm at its widest point. 

The jump ring can accommodate a 1.5mm thick chain. I would recommend a stronger link like a snake or box chain as the pendant is heavy at 5.6grams. 


SAVARD + TITRE FIX to bale. 


18ct Rolled gold, Base Metal (likely brass)



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