Art Deco Andreas Daub (A*D) Serpent Bracelet Bangle

1.920 kr

No. 329


This iconic bracelet was designed by the famous Andreas Daub of Pforzheim, Germany.

Founded in 1872 , they were and still are famous the world over for producing beautiful pieces and being the first jeweller to offer rolled gold to the German public.  

"Rolled Gold" is type of layered gold patented in England in 1817 which came to be  the prime source for costume jewellery until the 1950s. A layer of gold is mechanically bonded or heat-fused to a base metal. It is then rolled out in sheets to create different types of jewellery.  A "Rolled Gold" stamp on a piece of jewellery guarantees a minimum of 1/20th of the metal is gold. Rolled gold is not to be confused with plated jewellery. It will not wear through like gold plate and is extremely durable - often lasting well over 100 years. 


This bracelet design features a double headed serpent set with two large faceted aquamarine paste stones. The bracelet is decorated with a fine diamond and milligrain embossed pattern. The stones and metal are cut in such a way to capture and reflect the light in the most beautiful way. 

The bracelet is flexible making it very easy to wear which is a real bonus being that so many of the bracelets of this time are so tiny. This bracelet is great because just about every woman can wear it! 



The bracelet is in great vintage condition given it's age. The stones are without scratches or chips.  The band is not bent in any wrong places. There are no dents to the metal. There is however some mottling/wear to the gold plating. You can see some of the discolouration in the close up photos but it does not detract from the piece in any way. You can only really tell when you are looking for it. The metal still retains a beautiful soft buttery gold colour. 

The stones kind of make a jiggling sound in their setting. Its strange as I have had many of these bracelets over the years and they all do it! but they are safe and sound, with proper care they will not fall out! 

I would not recommend wearing this bracelet in the water or when using any chemicals. You can rinse the serpent heads in mild soapy water but make sure you air dry to prevent any damage to the stones or metal. I would polish the metal using a jewellery cloth. I would not use any chemical jewellery cleaner on this piece. 

Era: 1930s/1940s


The bracelet has an internal diameter measuring 6.5cm  without being stretched.The bracelet has a good 2-3cm "extra" stretch and is just simply stretched over your fingers.

The serpent heads measure 3.5 x 1.5cm with the stones measuring 12 x 8mm.

The band measures 8mm across.

Hallmarks:  The bracelet is stamped " ROLLED GOLD - A*D - FOREIGN" which meant it was destined for the USA or England when made. 

Materials: Rolled Gold, base metal and glass stones 

Provenance: Germany

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