Edwardian Sterling Silver Heart Keepsake Locket

920 kr

. 289


Lockets have been popular and deeply meaningful tokens of love for hundreds of years.  It bears a beautiful scrolling engraved ivy design to it's front and back. Ivy has long symbolised deep friendship, everlasting love and marriage making it a perfect gift for someone special. 

The locket opens to reveal two spaces for photos. The original cardboard insert is still present so that you can cut a photo to fit perfectly inside. 

The back of the locket has a small, empty shield which can be engraved with an initial/monogram to make it even more personal. 

The locket is quite a collectible item given it's hallmarked in Chester, England.  This assay office closed a long time ago making jewellery with these hallmarks collector items today. 

The locket was made by S. Ward & Son Goldsmiths of Chester. 

This locket is being sold on it's own however we can help you find the perfect chain if you need one. 


The locket is in amazing condition considering it is over 100 years old. The clasp is still strong and there is no wear to the engraved design. There is however a small dent to the back of the locket which is quite hard to notice unless you are looking for it. 




The locket measures 30mm long including bale/jump ring and 20mm at its widest point. 

The jump ring can hold a chain no thicker than 3mm. 


Chester England, 1908 "W&Ss"


Sterling Silver 925



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