Geometric Art Deco Amethyst Ring

680 kr 940 kr

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This ring captures the essence of Art Deco design with its bold symmetric, geometric shape and use of bright purple Amethyst at it's centre. The stone is further accented by a raised, engraved design along the ring's shoulders.  


The ring is in great condition considering it is almost 100 years old. There is very slight wear to the base of the ring shank but it does not affect its structure at all. There is a tiny nibble/bend in the silver colette setting around the amethyst stone. Again it is superficial and doesn't affect the structure or wear of the ring. It is really only noticeable if you are looking for it. 

The stone setting is raised as to allow for more light to pass through the stone to highlight it's sparkling facets. 




The ring measures between a 57 and 57.5EU. 

The stone measures 10.2mm in diametre. 

The rink measures 1.6mm at it's widest point near the shoulders and tapers down to 1.1mm at the base. The ring is 1mm thick at the base. 


The ring is stamped is 830 to the inner shank. This ring was likely manufactured in Europe / Scandinavia. 


Silver  (830), Amethyst 


England (purchased) Manufactured in Continental Europe. 


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