Mid-Century French Amethyst Cocktail Ring

1.100 kr

. 282

A cocktail ring that commands attention!  A massive, stunningly faceted amethyst stone sits atop an openwork silver basket. The setting sits rather high allowing as much light as possible through the stone increasing its sparkle. The facets are so well placed it almost looks as though the stone is foiled as it has a beautiful mirror affect. 

The stone itself has a deep purple colour which is a lovely contrast against the silver. It has a typical french setting with rolled symmetrical prongs. 


Given the glorious impracticality of the cocktail ring it is in perfect condition. The silver is sturdy without any significant or structural wear. The stone has no major chips or scratches. There is microscopic nibbles wear to the stone but can only be seen with a loupe. 




The ring is a size 59EU which is rare to find these days. 

The stone measures 16.2mm x 12mm x approx 12mm deep. 

The ring sits an impressive 15mm above your finger but it is a super comfortable fit. 


French Crab stamp denoting a minimum 800 silver since 1838. 

There is a makers mark but it is worn and I cannot make it out. 


Silver and Amethyst 



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