Mid-Century Rose Signet Ring

770 kr

. 280


Signet rings are a wonderful expression of individuality and affection. The earliest recorded Signet rings date to 3500BC and have been playing different roles throughout history ever since. 

Roses have been a longtime declaration of love, so it is only fitting for this ring to have been given and worn by sweethearts. 

The shield on this ring bears the monogram "MM" in typical 1950s cursive writing. 


This ring is in good vintage condition. The ring shield has no wear to the monogram or plaque. The embossed rose motif to the shoulders is in fantastic condition. The ring was likely sized larger at one point as the solder mark is visible at the base of the shank. 

The ring is easily polished using a silver cloth. 




The ring is an unusual large size at 64eu. It possible to have the ring made smaller if there is a request for this. 

The front plaque measures 14 x12mm 

The ring band is 3mm wide at it's thinnest at the base. The band thickness is 0.5mm


There is an illegible manufacturer number on the outer base but it is worn. 


Sterling silver 925



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