Late Victorian Rosette Coiled Snake Ring

830 kr

. 279


The serpent has been a feature of jewellery for thousands of years and a popular character in ancient mythology. 

Symbolising her beauty, Aphrodite, the goddess of love, was depicted wearing a bracelet in the form of a snake. The image of the Ourobouros a serpent swallowing its tail represented everlasting life for Plato.

This beautiful interpretation of the the ancient creature dates to the very end of the Victorian period into the early Edwardian. It features an elaborate chased rose pattern very much in the style of Charles Horner - who is one of the most recognised Art Nouveau jewellers in the World. 

The ring has an interesting structured design in that it coils around your finger, which will ensure a perfect and somewhat flexible fit. The face has beautiful sculptural and engraved design giving it realistic features. 


This ring is in fantastic condition. There is no wear to the rosette pattern and the face has no wear at all. 


Victorian (Late 1800s) / Early 1900s. 


The ring size is about a 55EU however because of the coiled design can be tightened or loosened a wee bit. Silver is a soft metal so I would not recommend modifying the size more than once and it must be done very carefully when its already around your finger. 

The band measures approx 2.4mm in width. 

The snakes head measures 4.6 x 8.1mm 




This ring is unmarked but tests for Sterling 925 silver. 




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