1940s Retro Aquamarine & Vermeil "Tank" Ring

1.725 kr

№. 178 

A definition in Retro 


Much of 1940s design was heavily influenced by WW2 and jewellery was no exception. Platinum, the jewellery staple of the 1920s was unavailable as it was diverted to the war effort. This left gold as the metal of choice although this was also expensive and difficult to find. So Vermeil (gold plated sterling silver) became a common metal in jewellery of the era. Access to precious stones was limited so jewellers maximised the use of other semi precious stones such as Aquamarines and amethysts in this time.  "Tank" jewellery owes its namesake to the mechanical design of military tanks and their treads.

You can see all of the trademark Retro design elements in this ring and it's stunning emerald cut Aquamarine stone. It really is a wearable piece of history.  


The ring is in fantastic condition given its age. There is very minimal wear to the gold plating but it is not at all noticeable even on the band which is usual for such a ring. The stone's setting is secure and stone has only tiny nibbles at the facets which can only be seen with a loupe. The stone itself is a very light colour and without any imperfections. When looking closely at the ring, the stone looks as though it was set a bit off centre. It tilts a few degrees to the side but it is only noticeable if you are looking for imperfections. It is an impeccable ring and a testament it has survived in such good condition. 

The ring is best worn on special occasions as prevent scratching/cracking of the stone. The ring can be cleaned in mild soapy water and the metal polished with a cloth. Do not submerse the ring in any chemical cleaner. 




The Ring is a size 57 EU. 

The face of the ring measures 18.5mm x 17.5mm

The stone measures 15mm x 11mm

The band measures 2mm at its widest point and 1.4 at its thinnest. 


The ring is stamped "935" for Continental Silver, so it is also possible it was manufactured/sold in Germant. 


Gold Plated Silver & Aquamarine 


France / Germany

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