1940s Pavé Set Marcasite Panther Brooch

460 kr

No. 120


The panther is an iconic and timeless design in jewellery. Made famous by the Cartier jewellery house in the early 1940s. 'Panthère de Cartier' is one of the most recognisable and enduring jewellery collections across the globe. This is a stunning example of the craftmanship of the jewellery during this time. Pavé stone settings give the illusion this piece is paved in stones. The expert cuts on the hand set marcasites provide the most amazing sparkle meant to resemble of diamonds. The beauty of this piece is definitely in the detail - the tiniest of little red eyes, delicate millegrain edging and contrasting brass paws. 


Excellent condition - all stones present, C clasp strong and secure. 

Era: Retro 1940s


5cm length - head to tail 

27mm tall at its highest point

Hallmarks:  none

Materials: Alloy Base Metal (tested negative for silver)

Provenance: France

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