1960s - 1970s - 1980s

Vintage jewellery

When it comes to jewellery, “vintage” can be used to describe any piece which is at least 25 years old. At Woodward and Fox, our vintage jewellery focuses on pieces from the 60s, 70s and 80’s, so think lots of big, bold jewels and statement pieces.

The beauty of true vintage jewellery is that it covers a range of styles, materials and shapes, meaning that whatever your taste you’re likely to find something to fall in love with. It’s a treasure trove of statement pieces that look just as amazing today as they did when they were first created.

The more money people had to spend on “frivolous” items, the more popular costume jewellery became. Designs were big, bold and ornate, with bright gemstones in an array of colours. It was popular to wear matching jewellery, with well dressed women stepping out in coordinating brooches, necklaces, rings and earrings (often clip-ons).

Bold beauty

By the 1960s, styles were becoming even bolder and more exciting. People were fascinated with sci-fi and space travel, and much of the fashion of the time had an edgy, futuristic look to it too. Colours were bright, with lots of pinks, yellows and reds, and monochrome was a big look - think Twiggy and Mods. Big dangly earrings in strong geometric shapes were the ultimate fashion statement, and outfits were accessorised with stacks of bangles, fun badges and pretty Mary Quant style flowers.

Perfume company Avon was founded in 1886, but by 1963 it had started selling jewellery as a free gift with a purchase of perfume. The brand became synonymous with female empowerment, as women were given the opportunity to work as consultants for the company.

vintage 3

Where Fantasy & Glamour is Queen

Disco reigned supreme in the 70’s. Flirty, feminine, swirly skirts and wrap dresses in cuts and fabrics that flowed with the dancer’s movements and shimmered under the disco lights were very popular looks for women

According to Anne-Lise Francois, in the 1970s, people wore clothes that stood out in order to fit in.

Studio 54 became the place to be seen in disco clothing such as boob-tubes, platform shoes, flared trousers and body-conscious shapes dressed in lurex, glitter and crazy patterns or colours. Studio 54 played an essential role creating the nightclub scene that is still with us today – a place where people dress to be noticed and in the latest fashion.

Power dressers

The eighties saw the rise of the female boss, which required a new slimline, tailored look. Big hair, power suits and shoulder pads were paired with clean, polished, gold and silver plated pieces without stones, making them suitable for everyday and business wear. If you like your style icons sexy and confident (Grace Jones, Joan Collins, Jerry Hall) then 80s vintage jewellery is a must.

Vintage jewellery is the easiest era to wear because it’s made for women of  any background, style or size.  Everyone from top level executives to students can rock the vintage look, and pieces of this era are great value for money too - you’re getting exceptional craftsmanship, cool designs and pieces to last a lifetime.