Worried about how you’ll get the measurements? Don’t panic!
Here are a few tips and tools to help you along your way!


A ring should fit comfortably and snug on your finger. It should be smooth to slide on but shouldn’t come off easily either.

Measuring your fingers over a few days at different times will help you find the perfect size. It will save you wasting any unnecessary time or money having to resize a ring afterwards.

Finger sizes change throughout the day depending on the temperature. Fingers become bigger in warm weather and shrink in the cold. So the way a ring fits may change slightly throughout the day and night.

For most people, one of your hands is always bigger than the other - typically by a quarter to a half size larger. This is usually your dominant hand. So its important to measure the size of the ring on exactly the finger you want to wear it.

Wider rings need a larger ring size. It is generally recommended to add an extra half size for rings wider than 6mm.

Make sure you account for the size of your knuckles. If your knuckle is much bigger than the base of your finger, make sure you measure both parts so that the ring can slide smoothly over it. 

When you’re stuck choosing in between two sizes, it is recommended you choose the bigger or visit a professional jeweller to have a proper sizing.

The difference from one whole ring size to the next is a matter of 1-2mm of the inner part of the band.

Ring sizes vary from country to country. Here at Woodward and Fox, we list our rings using EU measurements. We have an International Ring Size Conversion Chart if you need help with other measurements.

We want to make sure your ring fits perfectly, so please get in touch if you need some more information or have any questions about sizing.

    Use your own ring and our printable guide to help you find your ring size. 




    Ring Resizing:

    Some rings just cannot be resized no matter how bad we want it!  This is because some ring designs do not allow it. It is never recommended to resize rings with diamonds set into the band as they will fall out when the ring is resized. So it is really important you have your ring size correct when purchasing a ring or get in touch with us for further advice. 


    Finding a perfect fit for a bracelet is dependant on its design.
    A bracelet should wrap comfortably around your wrist and not feel tight.
    For closed bangles, the kind which don’t open up with a clasp, you will need a size large enough that can fit over your hand. You must measure around the widest part of your hand to make sure it can easily slide over.
    To do this, hold out your hand and tuck your thumb under your fingers. Using a string, measure the circumference at it’s widest point from your thumb knuckle to your little finger knuckle.

    For bangles which open with a clasp, you will need to measure the size of your wrist. You should add 1-2 centimetres to suit your taste and comfort.


    We hope this guide will help you choose the perfect necklace length to suit your style. This guide should only be used as a reference because how a necklace sits will depend on someone’s individual shape.