1. The ‘Woodward & Fox Gift Card’ is available for purchase in both ‘physical’ and ‘electronic’ versions in our webshop.

2. The ‘Woodward & Fox Gift Card’ can only be purchased and redeemed in Denmark in the following values:

    1. 500kr
    2. 1000kr
    3. 2000kr
    4. 5000kr


3. By default, the Electronic “Woodward & Fox Gift Card” will be emailed to the purchaser’s email address. Should the purchaser want the email which contains the link to the Woodward & Fox Gift Card code to be sent to an alternative email address, the purchaser must specify this request in the “notes” section of the checkout page. When we send the Woodward & Fox Gift Card to an alternative email, we will disclose the personal details of the person who purchased it. Alternatively, the purchaser is free to forward the Electronic Woodward and Fox Gift Card to someone else on receipt.


4. To the alternative email Recipient of the “Woodward & Fox Gift Card”: 


    1. Woodward & Fox has received your email address from the person who purchased the Electronic Gift Card. Woodward & Fox will only use your email address to send the “Woodward & Fox Gift Card.”
    2. Woodward & Fox will process any request to exercise your rights under the GDPR in accordance with applicable laws and the process outlined on our website.


5. To the Purchasers of the “Woodward & Fox Gift Card”:

    1. On specifying an alternative address for the electronic “Woodward & Fox Gift Card”, the purchaser provides consent on behalf of the recipient for “Woodward & Fox” to process the recipient’s email address to fulfil the delivery of the purchase.
    2. Please note the Gift Card will be sent automatically on the date of purchase.


6. The ‘Physical Paper Woodward & Fox Gift Card” will be sent to the purchaser’s address using a postal carrier service as default. The purchaser can specify an alternative delivery address as part of the checkout process.


7. The purchaser is able to specify a personalised note to be included in the ‘Physical Paper Woodward & Fox Gift Card’ which will be written by Woodward & Fox on the purchaser’s behalf.


8. Woodward & Fox gift cards can be redeemed on the official Woodward & Fox website (

9.  The “Woodward & Fox Gift Card” can be redeemed for products up to the value of the amount purchased and loaded onto it the card, either physical or electronic. Purchase amounts will be deducted from the “Woodward & Fox Gift Card” until the value reaches zero.


10. The “Woodward & Fox Gift Card” has no expiry date.


11. Provided fulfilment of legal requirements, customers are entitled to ask for a return of remnant balance in cash. If you would like to exercise this option, please contact us via email so we can process this request.


12. If the total value of the products purchased exceeds the amount available on the “Woodward & Fox Gift Card”, the remaining balance for your purchase can be paid using any other accepted method of payment.


13. The “Woodward & Fox Gift Card” is not redeemable for cash, except as specified in law, and is not reloadable except in case of returns outlined below. Lost or stolen cards will not be honoured or replaced. Electronic Gift Card codes can be reissued to the original purchase email address on request by the original purchaser. Woodward & Fox is not responsible for lost, stolen or damaged gift cards or unauthorised use caused solely by the cardholder's act or omission.


14. All refunds of products or services purchased with Woodward & Fox Gift Cards will be processed in accordance with Woodward & Fox’s’ refund policy. If Woodward & Fox accepts your return of a Woodward & Fox product that you have purchased by means of the Woodward & Fox  Gift Card, Woodward & Fox will reimburse the amount to a Woodward & Fox Gift Card only. Woodward & Fox recommends you retain the Woodward & Fox  Gift Card until the period in which you may return your products has lapsed. This does not affect your statutory rights. The Woodward & Fox Gift Card is not a cheque, guarantee, credit or charge card.


15. Woodward & Fox reserves the right to change the terms of the Woodward & Fox Gift Card to reflect changes in the law or meet regulatory requirements by notifying the changes via our webshop.


16. If for any reason you do not want to use the Woodward & Fox Gift Card purchased at our webshop, you may exercise your statutory right of withdrawal. You can invoke your right of withdrawal by informing us via email that you don’t want to use the Woodward & Fox Gift Card within 14 calendar days of the date we sent your confirmation e-mail of your Woodward & Fox Gift Card. To exercise your right of withdrawal, please follow the instructions online.


23. If you use your right of withdrawal, your Woodward & Fox Gift Card will be immediately voided. We shall refund the purchaser for all payments received without undue delay and, in any event, no later than 14 days from the day on which we are informed about your decision to exercise your right of withdrawal. If the Woodward & Fox Gift Card has been used, you are not entitled to use your right of withdrawal.


24. To exercise your rights as specified under the GDPR, such as the right of access or deletion, please follow the instructions on our webshop’s Terms of Conditions.