stories to tell

At Woodward and Fox, we specialise in one of a kind, antique and vintage jewellery pieces that were made to be loved. We sell a mix of original, antique items and redesigned pieces that mix old and new.

Every piece of jewellery we sell has a story to tell, and we love connecting pre-loved pieces with new owners so they can start a new chapter together. 



Our story began just outside Detroit; a city rich with history, renowned for its beautiful architecture and the sounds of Motown filling the streets. The long hot summer of 69 saw the city change into a metropolis of architectural ruin, but its former beauty somehow still shone through.

Woodward and Fox is dedicated to some of our favourite places in the city- Woodward Ave (arguably Detroit’s most famous street) and the Fox Theatre,  an icon that epitomises the Art Deco aesthetic. Their clean lines, geometric shapes and old school glamour inspire our pieces, which all have their own unique place in time.



Growing up surrounded by ghosts of Art Deco buildings, we became fascinated by the cutting edge designs and glamour of the 1920s and 30s, and wanted to know more. Inspired by the movement to bring the forgotten buildings of Detroit back to life, we began revitalising and re-using old jewellery. 

we love

what we do

Woodward and Fox is a celebration of the exceptional craftsmanship of days gone by; jewellery that was made with the kind of love and care that simply can’t be found in modern manufacturing.

It’s also about sustainability - instead of buying into disposable, fast fashion, we rescue old pieces and bring them back to life.

We love what we do, and hope you enjoy our treasure trove of lost delights as much as we do.