Art Deco Platinon Waterfall necklace

820 kr 980 kr

No. 101


The Birmingham based jeweller, John Wall, introduced the first imitation platinum in 1922 marketing it as "The Reputable Platinum Imitation - Finest Finish - Untarnishable". Platinon was only used for a short period of time and is increasingly difficult to find. It is noticeably different to sterling silver having a deeper, darker colour similar to rhodium plated pieces. 


This necklace is a beautiful example of the increasingly hard to find platinon pieces of the 1930s. A succession of square cut glass stones cascade in a waterfall pattern finishing with a feature cut pendant. Their is tremendous depth and sparkle to these stones. The platinon metal does not tarnish and retains a lovely gunmetal colour. 

Condition: Excellent condition - There are a few nibbles to the corners of the large bottom glass drop although this does not affect the piece and is only noticeable if you are searching for flaws. The clasp is secure. 

Era: Art Deco 1930s 


The necklace has a total length of 54cm. 

The chain portion drops 20cm 

The drop measures 7cm

The square stones measure 6mm diameter and the large pendant drop measures 2cm x 1.5cm .

The drop pendants add an additional 22mm in length.

The round glass stones measure 5mm in diameter. 

Hallmarks:  none

Materials: Platinon, Glass. Please note this alloy is likely to contain nickel so not suitable for anyone who might have an allergy. 

Provenance: England 

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