Why Antique and Vintage jewellery is just what we need!

In times of Trouble, Look for Beauty. 

There has been a lot written about the human need to seek beautiful things when the going gets tough. Whether it’s listening to our favourite songs, taking a walk on a moonlit beach or looking at a beautiful painting, being around pretty things is good for the soul. We love to be around things that bring us comfort and evoke a feeling of nostalgia; taking us back to happier times when we felt safe and secure.


It’s no wonder, then, that so many women are turning to beautiful antique and vintage jewellery in the midst of the biggest global crisis of our lifetimes. But vintage pieces do much more than taking us back to rummaging through granny’s jewellery boxes when we were little. They tell stories that help us understand the world around us, help us express ourselves and, importantly, make us feel connected to those we love. 


At Woodward & Fox we are all about bringing forgotten antique jewellery back to life, so if you are looking for some unique vintage pieces of your own, we will be delighted to share our treasures with you.


We specialise in timeless, one of a kind pieces that combine old and new. Our Revival Collection is designed from antique and vintage materials, breathing new life into broken and forgotten pieces of jewellery. We use authentic, original items like engagement rings with their own rich histories and stories that beg to be told, whilst creating something completely new to last another lifetime.


Jewellery has always been an important symbol of status, fashion and culture throughout the ages. Vintage pieces remind us that however much things change, we are still connected with our ancestors and seek beauty just as they did. At Woodward and Fox we believe that antique jewellery deserves to be touched, worn and loved again - not kept in museums or at the bottom of a box.


Jewellery can be a timely reminder of our power as women, and the great things we can achieve even when things feel impossible. So, whether you are looking for a unique engagement ring for someone special or a stunning new piece of jewellery as a present to yourself, visit our website or check out our Instagram page for a little inspiration. We can’t promise to solve all the world’s problems, but a little bit of glamour certainly never hurt anyone.